Our Culture and Core Values

Our People are our most important asset. Working together and Creating our Future together in building a sustainable legacy for all is our Ethos.

Smiths Manufacturing prides itself in fostering personal and professional growth. Innovation is encouraged from our Associates by making positive contributions through participation, openness, honesty and respect and by focusing on the task at hand. Energy and enjoyment of working experience, plays an integral part in our culture at Smiths.

The foundation of our company is built on mutual respect, teamwork, dedication, fairness, honesty and protection of the environment. Our core values are:

  • Honourable and ethical business practices.
  • Commitment to customer support and service.
  • Associate development.
  • Continuous product development to maintain world class technical competencies whilst reducing environmental impact.
  • Building and maintaining customer and supplier relationships.
  • Obey the law – doing what is right, fair and reasonable, lawful and just.
  • Respect others – treat all with respect, recognising the worth and goodness of everyone and demonstrate mutual respect for each other.
  • Being fair – equal opportunities for all and gender equality.
  • Being honest – be the best custodian of the company that you can be and ;
  • Protect the environment to ensure long term sustainability of the company, the world and yourself.
Smiths Manufacturing has a Code of Ethics governing actions of our Associates. Our Code applies to all Smiths Associates.

The continued success of our Company depends on the loyalty, reputation and integrity of Smiths.