Our Division - Heat Exchangers

All of Smiths heat exchanger products are produced to stringent specifications and standards for both local OEMs and international customers. Our wide range of facilities means that Smiths has the ability to be very flexible in its manufacturing processes to meet customers' requirements.


Smiths produces a large array  of heat exchanges (see products).

As a key OEM supplier, our long standing reputation has been founded on the basis of turnkey technologies and projects supported and backed up a continuous development programs. These are equally focused on production and design applcations. Our strategy of ensuring a risk free business model comprises a system of  Nocoloc furnaces and Core builders and rollers ensure that takes place and that each unique fin design is supported. Modern high speed decoiling facilities, alternative wet or dry fluxing and multi-use brazing furnaces also ensure flexibility and quality in our heat exchanger processes. In-house designed core builders for core assemblies facilitate flexibility in manufacturing and also assist to maintain low tooling costs.


Radiators, heaters and condensers use brazed aluminium cores, which provide a more durable product. Smiths produces the following components with the following tube sizes:

Tube Size Condensers Radiators Heaters Evaporators
(mm) Serpentine Parallel Flow Single Tube Double Tube Single Tube Double Tube Serpentine
16   X X        
20   X          
22 X            
26     X        
27     X     X  
30     X   X    
32 X   X     X  
36       X      
42     X   X    
57       X      
85             X
105             X


*Smiths is also able to produce parallel flow condensers with integrated receiver drier.

NOTE: Other sizes can be introduced should the customer have a specific requirement.


All Smiths' heat exchangers are 100% leak tested and specification qualified, in line with our quality accreditations and standards. All products are 100% bought off on checking fixtures to ensure compliance to assembly specifications.