Our Division - Fluid Exchangers

Smiths' fluid exchanger components are produced in line with stringent specifications and standards (ISO) for both local OEMs and international customers.


Smiths' Fluid Exchangers manufacture automotive air-conditioning pipes and hoses, and other automotive pipes.
Thick walled vibration resistant aluminium, which meets stringent international requirements, is used in the production of Air conditioner hoses. Thin wall aluminium pipe is used for the production of liquid lines and other automotive components.
Our product Line-up includes:


99% of all components are bent, on any of our 7 CNC Facilities. Four of which are capable of dual LH/RH bending on the same pipe.
Pipes are scanned through a 3-D measuring machine (infra red scanner) and measured via master computer programs. Fittings and parts are brazed on dedicated fixtures. The hose end products undergo a polymerised coating process that acts as a seal, eliminating the possibility of gas leaking.

New brazeless technology has recently been introduced. This new technology eliminates operator error and provides a more cost effective solution. Further advances recently have been the introduction of “scribe and pull” technology, which replaced the older cutting of thin wall pipes hereby ensuring an efficient cost effective process.


Testing is via comprehensive 3-D measuring facilities whilst all products are 100% leak-tested to specification in line with quality accreditations and standards. Final assembly products are 100% quality control bought off on checking fixtures to ensure compliance to assembly specifications.