Our Division - Assembly Division

The Assembly division is designed around similar technologies with large assembly areas supported by full JIT sequence ensuring the smooth operation of the factory.


Globally, the trend is for component manufacturers to be suppliers of sub-systems and modules. Our high levels of vertical integration mean that Smiths has been able to effectively move into this arena.

The following are currently assembled in climate control:

 Our key operations focus on the ability to integrate a full range of automotive systems.


Production lines are developed and designed according to customer specifications. These lines abide to very stringent quality requirements. Integrated systems, including computer driven SPC ensure that the built units meet customers' requirements. Kanban systems are run throughout all processes from the supply of components, through production to the delivery of the finished product . New generation production lines have in-process automated quality checks (Poke Yoke), which ensure international standards are consistently met.


At Smiths we believe that each project should receive individual attention. When projects are received from customers a project management team is put together comprising design, process, quality and industrial engineers. This approach has proved to be highly effectively in ensuring the smooth running and implementation of projects.


In order to ensure up-front customer specification compliance and on going quality requirements, Smiths has an extensive range of test facilities for system and component performance and durability validation.