Quality & Safety

Assembly Plant

The Assembly Division specialises in the Assembly of Automotive Systems, such as Climate Control Systems, Wiper Systems and Air Cleaner Systems.

Smiths assemble a wide range of Heaters, Evaporators, HVACs, Engine Cooling Modules, Motor Blower Assemblies and Aircleaner Assemblies. Following our philosophy of continuous improvement within the company, new production lines being installed have in-process automated quality checks, which ensure international standards are consistently met.

The climate control area is part of the Assembly Plant. The factory is a large assembly area and logistics play a key role in the smooth operation of the factory.



Globally, the trend is towards intregrated systems and our high levels of vertical integration mean that Smiths has been ideally suited to deliver solutions in the areas of systems and modules.

The following are currently assembled in the Assembly Plant:

• Heater Assemblies (manual control to fully automatic)
• Evaporator Assemblies (manual control to fully automatic)
• HVAC Assemblies (manual control to fully automatic)
• Cooling Modules Assemblies
• Aftermarket Aircon kit packaging (see our Aftermarket & Export Department)


Production Lines & Quality

Production lines are developed and designed to meet customer specifications. These lines have very stringent quality and built-in systems, including computer driven SPC to ensure that the units are built to our customers' specifications. Kanban systems are run throughout all processes from Motors through Climate Control to the Dispatch area. New generation production lines have in-process automated quality checks (including Poke Yoke - Fail Safe methods), which ensure international standards are consistently met.


Other Assemblies

Whilst assemblies are predominantly climate control products, Smiths has the ability to assemble a wide range of automotive parts, which includes Aircleaners, Wiper Systems etc.


Project Management

Each project receives individual attention. When projects are initiated from customers a project management team is put together comprising design, process, quality and industrial engineers. This approach has proved to be highly effective in ensuring the smooth timeous implementation of projects.



In order to ensure customer specifications compliance and on going quality requirements, Smiths has an extensive range of test facilities for system and component performance and durability validation.