Our Associates

We respect all our Associates regardless of race, gender, religion or personal preferences.

Smiths Manufacturing prides itself as an Organisation where we encourage personal growth, human development and employment satisfaction. This is supported by an active development program, regarded in Industry as the leader in this field, also supported by a very successful Succession plan.

In the past 10 years we have qualified in excess of 200 students through our internship program.

We have an active apprenticeship program, and learnership program and a leading Adult Basic Education program.

Our Dojo centre performs basic fundamental skills training, and is also used to do pre-employment assessments.

Our Certificate in Automotive Manufacturing (CAM) is unique to the Industry.

We encourage innovation and we encourage our Associates to make positive contributions, we encourage participation, openness and honesty, respect, focus on the task at hand, energy and encourage each Associate to enjoy his/her working experience at Smiths.

We pride ourselves in the manner that we communicate with all our Associates as it is a fundamental belief of ours that each Associate must be fully informed about Smiths Manufacturing. Open communication is strongly encouraged.

Our participation in our communities are a shining example to all other companies. Through our Rainbow Nation Committee we have over the past number of years been involved in various Social Economic programs.

We have renovated a school, we have established an IT centre with an excess of 30 computers, we have established various classroom libraries, donated money to many NGO`s, including AIDS orphanages, supported a maths and science project through CASME and gave out school bursaries to previously disadvantaged people. We also support higher learning for the children of our Associates.

We are proud that all our Associates share in our common vision that Smiths must continuously innovate to stay competitive.

Smith's Manufacturing - "Helping to build a unified South Africa"